The primary objective of our company as a manufacturer of medical devices, medicinal products, biocidal products, personal protective equipment and a provider of laboratory services is to provide top quality products and services that meet the requirements, expectations and needs of their users, while at the same time developing and strengthening the market position in our industry.

We want the company’s brand to be associated by us and our customers with high quality and the safety of our products and services, so we are guided by the following principles in our business activities:

We carry out a detailed analysis of the market and the important requirements of stakeholders that affect our business.

Our offer is individual and designed to meet the requirements, expectations and needs of individual customers.

We complete orders efficiently and meet the requirements related to high quality and timely deliveries.

We comply with these principles by:

Adherence to the standards and laws that apply to the operation of the company and to the requirements of our customers. Identification of the risks and opportunities that affect the safety and
quality of our products and services and the ability to increase user satisfaction.

Continuous improvement achieved by constantly seeking opportunities to improve the quality of our goals, activities, products and services.

Implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the quality management system compliant
with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and provision of the necessary resources to achieve the objectives set.
Maintenance and the continuous improvement of the properly functioning Good Manufacturing Practice, Good Distribution Practice and Good Laboratory Practice system.

Continuous monitoring and improvement of processes which the quality and safety of our products and services depend on.
Process approach and thinking we pursue by identifying, documenting, correcting and continuously improving our business processes, seeking the most effective system development algorithm.

Involvement of our employees that we achieve by actively integrating them into the business management system, education, promoting an awareness of the importance of quality and excellence and increasing the individual and group awareness in effective operations as well as by managing human resources in line with the company’s human resource policy.

Demonstration of high flexibility and meeting the customers’ needs.

Therefore, we are committed to continuously improving our Quality Management System to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers and thereby strengthen the confidence in the quality of our products.