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Ravimed Sp. z o. o. has a laboratory, which offers a wide range of tests, including chemical, physical and microbiological analyses and expert opinions, as well as solutions to production problems. We perform tests for the cosmetic, pharmaceutic and food industries, as well as for environment protection.

Thanks to our highly-qualified staff and well-equipped laboratory, we are able to conduct tests of medicinal products and input materials for Polish and foreign customers. 

We offer routine analyses concerning the current and periodical inspection of products and stability tests, as well as services concerning the elaboration, implementation, validation and transfer of analytic methods in order to meet the needs of our customers.  

The comprehensive equipment of our laboratory offers flexible options during cooperation and enables us to provide a wide range of tests and analyses:

1. Physical and chemical laboratory

We are able to perform analyses using the following analytical techniques:

Spectrophotometry, refractometry, polarimetry, potentiometry and classical analytical methods.

We perform the following analyses:

- liquid colouring degree

- liquid transparency and degree of opacity

- refractive index

- optical rotation

- melting temperature determination

- analysis of the element content, including heavy metals

- loss of mass after drying off

- ash content

- osmolality

- particles content in liquids

2. Microbiological laboratory

We perform the following tests:

- microbiological burden before sterilisation - bioburden in raw materials and final products

- sterility of final products

- bacterial endotoxin content in raw materials and final products

- preservative test

- biocidal products efficacy test

- validations of all types of sterilisation

- production hygiene tests, taking into account air purity tests (sedimentation and aspiration methods), surface purity tests and particle content in the air

3. Pharmacokinetic laboratory

We are able to perform analyses using the following analytical techniques:

HPLC with detection: UV, RI, FL, EC, MS/MS

GC with FID detection and injector for liquid and gas tests

Spectrophotometric analyses UV, IR

We perform the following analyses:

  • Analysis of identity and content of the active substance - HPLC method - UV - API substances and medicinal products, cosmetics and auxiliary substances
  • Analysis of sugar identity and content - HPLC method - RI - products, substances
  • Analysis of pollutants in selected active compounds and products, according to EP, USP, BP, and the pollution profile in ready goods
  • Analysis of solution residues in API substance, according to EP, USP, BP
  • Identity of API substance with the use of IR method
  • Physical - chemical tests of chemicals, according to the producer’s specifications

4. Analyses of the bioequivalence and bioavailability of medicines, MRL tests (LC/MS/MS technique)

5. Cooperation with Research Centres concerning the testing of new chemical particle content in various biological matrices.


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