Individual Decontamination Kits

Individual Anti-Chemical kit IPP-95


The ‘Individual Anti-Chemical kit IPP-95’ includes preventive and decontaminating ointment in a tube, a decontaminating powder in polyetylene reclosable bags, gauze pads - 6 pieces, external packaging made of hard polyethylene, resistant to mechanical action and weather conditions, intended for use in the field (shocks, dust, frost, precipitation, transport in military means of transport etc.). The size of packaging fits into  the size of the internal pocket in the uniform. The ‘Individual Anti-Chemical kit IPP-95’ may be used and stored without any conservation or protective operations.

Basic functions:

  • Through hindering the absorption of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA), the preventive and decontaminating ointment protects uncovered areas of the skin against contamination.
  • The decontaminating powder makes it possible to inactivate and remove the contaminant.
  • The gauze pads facilitate the removal of the powder from disinfected surfaces and possibly wiping the glass lenses of the mask.
  • The box protecting the aforementioned components fits into the internal pocket of the uniform.
  • The size, dimensions and weight of the elements which make up the Individual Anti-Chemical kit IPP-95 enable the user (soldier) to carry and use it in any field conditions and inside buildings, means of transport and command vehicles.

Operating requirements.

  • Decontaminating abilities.
    Following 30-minute exposition of 400 g/m2 of the decontaminant on a glass surface, contaminated with sulphur yperite (sulphur mustard) with a density of 5 g/m2, the residual contamination of yperyte should not exceed 5 x 10-2 g/m2.
  • Protective ability – following 60-minute exposition of the ointment, spread at an amount of 400 g/m2, on a glass surface, contaminated with sulphur yperite (sulphur mustard) with the density of 5 g/m2, the protective efficacy cannot be shorter than 15 minutes. The density of residual contamination should be lower than 420 mg/m2.
  • Requirements concerning safety of use.
    Powdered decontaminant and preventive and decontaminating ointment do not pose a risk to the persons working with them.


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