RAVIMED is a medium-sized, medical and pharmaceutical enterprise, established in 1991.

RAVIMED is a family, one-plant, Polish company. It was incorporated in Warsaw by means of a Notarial Deed, Register A.III-2463/91 for an indefinite period.

The production technology used and the majority of specialist machinery are original, proprietary works and designs.

The company’s core activity is as follows:

  • manufacture of medicinal products (containers for blood collection, storage and processing; liquids for blood preservation; kits for the individual anti-chemical protection of citizens and soldiers)
  • the manufacture of medicinal products (auto-injectors against Chemical Warfare Agents and auto-injectors with painkillers)
  • biocidal products
  • laboratory services – Centrum Badań Farmakokinetycznych Leków (FILAB) [Centre for the Pharmacokinetic Testing of Medicines]
  • research and development works

The auto-injectors against Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and auto-injectors with painkillers, blood containers and collagen dressings manufactured by Ravimed have IDs   - NATO – NSN (NATO Stock Number), and the plant itself - the NATO (NCAGE) ID 0793H

In 2003, Centrum Badań Farmakokinetycznych Filab was established, which provides laboratory services (centre for pharmacokinetic testing) in order to conduct pharmacokinetic tests of medicines with the use of the latest methods of chemical-, mathematical- and statistical analyses. It is the first private laboratory of this type in Poland. The spectrum of works performed by CBF Filab mainly involves commissioned works concerning the bioequivalence test of generic preparations. CBF Filab also participates in the pharmacokinetic analyses of original medicines. FILAB holds the GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) Certificate, which makes it possible to conduct the pre-clinical test of medicines. Its participation in the research and development works relating to pharmacokinetics is an important element in the company’s business activity. When facing new challenges, RAVIMED cooperates with many national and international research institutions and manufacturers. In 1999 , RAVIMED set a precdent as the first private company in Poland to obtain ISO 13485 Certificate, confirmed by the notifying organisation.

The range of laboratory services provided by the company includes the following:

  • designing and conducting pharmacokinetic tests.
  • chemical and statistical analysis of medicine residues in tissues (Maximum Residue Limit - MRL)
  • designing HPLC analytical methods, modifying existing HPLC methods (outsourcing), method validation and transfer, etc.
  • The range of conducted tests includes the following:
  • bioequivalence and bioavailability of medicines
  • designing HPLC analytical methods
  • validation of analytical methods
  • analysis of medicine concentrations in biological matrices:
  • calculation of pharmacokinetic parameters of medicines for all methods of their administration, regardless of the dosage
  • consultation in the scope of designing clinical trials for medicines, the preparation of registration documents for medicines, pharmacokinetic optimisation of medicines in the pre-clinical phase.

In 1999, RAVIMED introduced and implemented a quality management system. It holds the ISO 9001, ISO 13485 series certificates and its medicinal products have the European Certificate of Conformity CE. It has also got registrations in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Kyrghyztan, Morocco, Georgia, Armenia and many other countries.

Medicinal products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), while the laboratory services are performed in accordance with the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

The products are exported to more than 30 countries  (exports constitute about 75% of the total production of the company).

The company’s has been awarded prizes for its business activity, such as:

  • in 1999 - a prestigious Economic Prize of the President of the Republic of Poland for ‘The Best Small Enterprise in Poland’
  • in 2000 - the Prize of the Minister of Environment for Creative Achievements in the Field of Environment Protection.
  • a Medal from the Polish Success Academy (June 2003) for export results
  • ‘Business Gazelle’ Prize awarded to the most dynamically developing companies in 2007
  • A Member of the European Parliament of Enterprises since 2008
  • the only representative of Poland at the 1st European Small Medium Enterprises Week 2009
  • ‘Business Gazelle’ Prize awarded to most dynamically developing companies in 2014

RAVIMED participates in the works of the European Parliament of Small and Medium Enterprises, at the Polish Chamber of Commerce.

In cooperation with the army, the company has been preparing a plan to expand production in the case of war and has been actively participating in the works and technical dialogues, which focus on  the optimisation of the storage of pharmaceuticals and medicinal products for the defence requirements  of the country.

From the very beginning of its business activity, the company has been engaged in charity and social work. It provides financial support to organisations such as Warsaw Hospice for Children. RAVIMED also helps its municipality, supporting the Health Care Centre in Wieliszew.


Zakład Produkcji Sprzętu Medycznego

RAVIMED Sp. z o.o.

ul. Polna 54
05-119 Łajski

REGON:002027813, NIP: 531-000-41-18 
KRS: 0000185727, K.Z. 50.000,- PLN
BDO: 000043116

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Phone No.:           +48 (22) 506 56 56
                  +48 602 587 656
Tel/fax:   +48 (22) 782 21 67
Sales: +48 (22) 782 21 67 ext. 111 

Undesirable effects of medicinal products

Tel:         +48 (22) 782 21 67
                +48 (22) 506 56 56
Fax:        +48 (22) 782 21 67

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